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Movement for Health

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Since January of this year, dancer, Meena Watts has been working with service users and staff at Tigh na Drochaid NHS Resource Centre in Portree every week.

Her Movement for Health sessions have gone down a treat!

The aim of the sessions is to get participants moving, improve their suppleness, build up confidence and boost well-being.  Meena incorporates music by Blair Douglas as well as pop and Bollywood songs.

Many of the participants have begun practising the movements at home as well and some have noticed improvements in their health since the sessions began.

At the final session, Ann MacRae read out the poem she wrote about the sessions, which she has kindly allowed us to share:-

Indian Dance Class

 by Ann MacRae

Life has taken on a new dimension

We all have found a remedy for tension

Meena comes on a Tuesday morning

Dressed in glitter, all adorning

Music starts to fill the air

Supplied and played by Skye man, Blair

Gently start our upper body exercise

Then the music quickens to our surprise

On our feet we all do rise

Gliding and swirling, swaying and thrusting

Now we are feeling rather frisky

Who is he with hand on hips? Oh, it’s Angie

Acting like a proper “Dandy”

John is leaping very high

Giving laughs and joyous cry

Breath gets short, so sit a while

We all join in again and smile

Now that I am ninety-one

It seems my life has just begun

Instead of walking like a log

I’m looking out a pair of shorts

And taking up a ten mile jog

Some of the participants at the final session, after Ann presented Meena with a bouquet of flowers.

Thank you to Ann for sharing her poem, to Meena for all her hard work and the positive energy she brings to each session, and to the staff and participants at Tigh na Drochaid for their enthusiasm and effort.

Tha Seo Math Dhuibh! This is Good for You!